Sunday, September 4, 2016

6000 + subbies Giveaway @ Bee's Nail World YT Channel

Ok she has hit such a huge milestone, you must go and check out her video, and if you aren't subbed, then please do so.

Congratulations girl!!!

No time for crafting :(

I  have not done anything with crafting. You know how life is. Things come up over and over. Well that is my life. Which prevented me from being able to spend time doing things I like, even my nails have had to take a back seat, when I say nails, is doing glitter mixes like I use to like to do.

I hope to get to do it again more often, if you only knew how much glitter I have hahah. I'll have to share a clip with you. Let's see if I can add it.

Hopefully you can see this, I embed it from my instagram @,  couldn't embed the video I wanted to show you, but here is a picture of another order of glitter I had bought. Pretty right? Omg it it so pretty!

Anyway, so I think I may change the name of this blog post, maybe it will just ... na I kind of want to keep it because I hope one day to be able to actually post some crafty things I do. :)

I sold some of my supplies, I have more I am going to sell. I'll post those here, when I do :) I better go, have my nails to do. Yeah but not acrylic or gel, for now just some full nails,, so I can record a few videos. Faster too lol. I will apply to that when they grow out. Til next time!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Winning from Pinkalicious Scrapper ~ Thank you

My winnings from the super sweet and generous Jeanette!! Thank you so much, you totally spoiled me, I just absolutely love everything! You are way too kind, thank you so much! Tfw everyone, if you aren't subbed you should be :)